The Calling

Aprilie 6, 2009

I want to hold you tight so that no one can steal you away from my holding. Why the superior forces don’t want us to be together,my sweet blue love? What do they have against us? What did we do to them to separate us like this, this cruel faith of the two of us kills the flame we worked so hard on to light. Each time we rejoin our hands this flame seems stronger than ever,it could light even the darkest abiss of a shadowed corner in the universe, it has more spirit then seven stars and more heat than a dying supernova. And then, cruelish, we get separated and it brewses my feelings,it cuts through my sacrest secret,it draws a black line upon everything.
The shadows have risen again. Now comes yet so another long awaiting before i can see your light, before i feel your heat, before i hear your sound….sweet pain of love…..fool me once again with her smile….show yourself to me…uncover your mysteries and let me feel you. I know you…you`re thiefish.You`re sick. You light my soul,therefore to be darken again when my world starts to awake to happiness. I`m gelous like a kid and i dont understand you,what do you want from me?
What i must give in order to have my beloved? I crossed five worlds to get to her, why do you steal her from me just when i got used to her? Sweet pain of love…is all I have….with you by my side, my blue light…sweet pain of love…

Azi nu-s in apele mele. Ceea ce a inceput ca o zi faina, se termina intr-un mod naspa. Si asta datorita unor prezente feminine care nu stiu…pai, sincer, nu stiu nimic. Atat.

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