Aprilie 21, 2009

„This is the place. They say….they will come from far,far,far away. To find their dreams, chasing down these meteors and comets called dreams in the sky of life.”

There is a place in us where fantasies are born, created unknowingly in the desire of wishes. To fulfill these you must first climb the big tree, branch by branch, falling and tripping on empty ones inside. Holding tight and counting on the good ones. Mostly you’ll find it rotten, full of vermin and mud, but not all is grey, if you manage to find the green in it then you can acknowledge yourself. Basis always maintains. Use them for you and keep’em.

Then comes the drill of life. Broken expectations, whispers unsatisfied, addictions emerging. Tricked by a feeling, going on thinking that everything is as you expected, you achieved exactly what you had dreamed by repeating the same mistakes over and over and over…defining yourself through others, judging and judged, comparing and compared, imitating and imitated, everything repeating in the same circle of actions. Call it butterfly effect, call it deja-vu, whatever you wish, everything is repeating. Without knowing.

Long awaited apparently freedom comes, freedom of duty that is. When you sit back and think of how much you missed and how stupidly you acted. Yeah, irony is a big thing. Wait for the black line, wait.


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