Stare de spirit.

Mai 4, 2009

De fapt sunt mai multe. Rabdare si lectura placuta.

I just kept breathing, hiding my tears
I waited for you all these years
And with your lonely soul
You shouldn’t wait too long
Hold me in your arms and never let me go.

I don’t want you to give what you don’t have
Don’t make a vowe that you can’t keep
I don’t want you to change your position
Don’t hang around just to please me
But i have one request
And if you don’t think it’s senseless
Let me give you something else
Let me love you…..

It’s battleship grey outside
And we don’t know what we’ll be getting
All your sweet talking raining over me
‘Till my name escapes and I’m set free
There’s a word in your eye
But I don’t know what is to say
And when you call me from the other side
The scent of it starts breaking up and its lies

It’s battleship grey outside,
Confusion, all this is for the gods
Uncertainty, I could be bathing under artificial light
Under twilight blue, starts to mesmerize
And I tell myself that you light up my life
But its all in the mind when you cannot see in the eyes

Angels with silver wings
Shouldn’t now sufferince
I wish I could take the pain for you
If God has a master plan
That only he understands
I hope it’s your eyes who’s seeing through

Colour strucked off prejudice
None of yo’ brothers’ on my love list
So friar my man to understand if you will
There’s no colour of love, so chill.

My mind is in a state
Cause all I seem to do is tempt my fate
Well I try a real space
But all the while I’m crashing at the gate,
This time….this time…
Reality struck me between the eyes.

Moments of eternity
Strangers stealing someone else’s dream
I’ve seen it all
Hunting for a mistery
Running for your life in times like these
I’ve seen it all
I remember the time
Once in a life you hold me
Got you here in my head, here in my head,
Oh maybe…I’ve seen it all.

What about us
Let’s think about tomorrow
With you not in my life
What about love
As I try to make it every day
I live even for the day
Out of what you go
For it’s hard to say goodbye
My simple obsession…what about us?

What about love
Everyday I’m fighting from this pain
I’m doin’ everything to be alright
What about love
As my beating heart keeps tellin’ me
I don’t want nobody in live but you
I don’t want to go
For it’s hard to say goodbye
My simple obsession…what about us?

I’m dancing with my loneliness again
slowly to the music from within.
I’m dancing with my loneliness again
feeling it can be my only friend.
And I won’t let myself go it’s too near –
to near to hear, near to hear … to hear…
I’m dancing with my loneliness inside
knowing there’s no place where I can hide
dancing with my loneliness inside
there’s no other place for me to hide.
And I won’t let myself go out and cry
Or wonder why… wonder why…

I’m dancing … romancing.

Stiu. Poate crezi ca m-am prostit de tot. Dar toate astea pentru mine chiar au un sens.


8 răspunsuri to “Stare de spirit.”

  1. lecsyaro Says:

    Nu ar avea nimeni dreptul sa spuna asta, sunt gandurile tale! 🙂

  2. kOoDoO Says:

    Da, dar ocazional imi pasa si de gandurile voastre.

  3. lecsyaro Says:

    Dar n-ar fi bine sa ajungi sa traiesti prin ochii altora! 🙂

  4. kOoDoO Says:

    @lecsya – nu prin ochii altora, ci prin ochii uneia 😉
    @ana-maria – multumesc, le-am preluat din anumite piese favorite.

  5. ana-maria Says:

    oare care o fi norocoasa?

  6. kOoDoO Says:

    De-as afla si eu odata…

  7. acromiasun Says:

    ini-mini, maini-mo…pick one..:d
    nu merge chiar asa, nu?
    you’ll know better…when the time is right

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