Here's to you.

mai 29, 2009

I saw the happyness in your eyes when we were kissing, whatever you say right now you can’t deny that. I felt you going in the other planes of existence, just like I was. I saw it with my own eyes that you didn’t had anything else on your mind, that you abruptly softened to me. Instantly the lightning striked you, giving yourself up, losing anything that mattered before. And felt your skin burning, touching mine, closing your body to my body, always wanting more, making that perfect instability between us. I felt your hands holding me tighter than ever, never wanting me to go anywhere but stay like this for all existence. Thoughts are relentless, moves are all that mattered. Nested here, for the few single times in your life you felt safe. I felt safe. Didn’t matter if it’s all night long or one second…for all is to be shattered. Human feelings are to be dismantled. Ending up with just another acquaintance…maybe the next time I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.
But that first kiss…in this spin I want to remember you. In this spin I want you to remember me.


5 răspunsuri to “Here's to you.”

  1. daddyop Says:

    pfff… koodoo bolnav? sau vrei in ceagalaieaza „are you sick man ?”

  2. Fain. Aseară de ce nu aveam și eu inspirație?…:(

  3. paradisiacmyriam Says:

    chiar sweet=P~ce face dragostea din om…..

  4. kOoDoO Says:

    Da…am fost indragostit. Acum nu mai sunt.

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