Twilight blue

iulie 29, 2009

_Rape_Your_Dreams__by_HomeBass Have I told you today that I love you? No, I don’t think so, at least I don’t remember. Browsing through the fantasy of your look I know I made the right choice when the bitter wind chose to show yourself to me.
I wish I had your wings. You breached my shores invading all there is. Startled my angry skies to cool down in an ice age in which you are the queen of my ice. The fairy of my love wishes. Yes, I’m under twilight blue and starting to mesmerize. The tower of souls gathered all around me fades greyish compared to the stream of whispers you speak. Choose wisely, for you are playing with fire. Fading into poisoned sins, we both are. And it’s storming elementally. But it’s all in the mind when you can’t see in the eye. Too bad I don’t know you. Yet.

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9 răspunsuri to “Twilight blue”

  1. kOoDoO Says:

    I don’t think so, missy.

  2. daddyop Says:

    omule … ce faci ? te-ai apucat de scris si bancuri ? :)))

  3. kOoDoO Says:

    Da, bancuri pentru adulti.
    Popa Mita biciclista
    A cazut si si-a rupt….

  4. Myriam Says:

    e foarte dragut textul:X

  5. kOoDoO Says:


  6. maya Says: nu gasesc cuvinte sa descriu bine.
    poate pentru ca e diferit de cum scrii 🙂

  7. kOoDoO Says:

    Multumesc. Mai am si rare momente de lucididate.

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