octombrie 12, 2009

Too_Late_by_FrozenStarRoThis prelude of solitary confidement
Unhearts the true meaning of being you
Part spoken, part uncovered
I fucking know you.

My immortal inner conflict
Always shows in chronoscape slides
Nocturnal behaviours, thundersnow storm,
Twilights framing the sunsets deep below.

October. I hate October.
Blood winds congregate in the darkest time
Singing the cadence of her last breath
For only in this time I will always lose you.

The deep lake of feelings screams
A chaos depicted in motion,
The disorder theory once again proved,
In the madrigal to a bitter end.

You promised eternity with those words
But failed to uncover the veil of secrets
That compose my misantrophic alchemy
That is why you cannot, cannot love me.

The way is shut, embrace the thought.
Forever gone, forever here.
What remains is what I already know
In October i always lose you.


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