Diamondtron whispers in silence

Noiembrie 2, 2009

Resurrection,why yes surely
the thought of you still is there
like a lone child in the street
for no one steps up to help him
and why should someone try to do that
when it’s left alone for a good reason?
Abandoned by those who created him
Cast away like a plague amongst sanity.
No. I will remember,
for it is wrong to throw
what i have felt through me
what i have felt through you
what i mean is what i know
and there’s no need for your manifesto
of blunt idealistic proposals
which only depict your true foundation
of dissapointments gathered round you.
Jetstreaming sundances are no use to us anymore
They will be just swallowed by the mist that surrounds
Everything we try to recapture, ill-fated and arogant
Oh, but I remember, I will always do.
I remember you.
Lovelights manifesto, what a fluorescent thought that was
For, finally, discordia conquered.
Poetry in despair, surreal angel
You are a ghost in my arms.
Back to black, made of coal
Cold elegance, improved mesmerize
Diamondtron elegance, my own northern sun
Ashen sorrowed. The heavens bled that night.

Try to remember….was a day of september
When we were together, me and you
Try to remember….was a day of september
When you said forever…me and you…
Let it dance for me and you…
Me and you,
Let it dance for me and you…


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