ianuarie 5, 2010

All ghosts of the past unite and bind themselves in one big vortex which surrounds the living being that is I only to bring the future past once again in mind. Flicking in the eyes are the images that were lived and enjoyed by this body and the sounds, oh the sounds…i’m a sound type being which can isolate each one of it and delight myself again and again and again. Masturbation of sounds felt extreme through every core atom that compose this shape.
Funky funky times surround the space time continuum with delightful delicacies and my feet just can’t stand the pressure. Did you know that legs express at best your feelings that you hide? I found that out recently. It was the only thing interesting I found out from that sound. And as the beat keeps pressuring hard the release always comes from a totally different sound than that which you are used to which stomps the breath. Each time i hear it, attraction is inevitable, I must have it more, now, again. ‘till I’m bored with it. Then it’s only the beat again, the beat that seems cooler than everything experienced before and succedes in controlling me until the different sound faces me again.
You ever heard a bitchin’ bass line? Dance? Dance!


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